Nationwide Credit Card

Service Franchises and Nationwide Credit Card

Large service company franchise systems are a lot to manage. Luckily with many franchise owners they work much more efficient than straight managers because it is their money on the line and they know it. Franchise services companies which clean carpets, pave driveways, clean mini blinds, change oil in cars or even groom dogs need nationwide systems for customer credit card approvals, as well as gift cards and perhaps even loyalty credit cards too. With such system it is indeed important to have Universal Credit Card Approval. How so you ask?

Well for instance what about a Nationwide franchise credit card processing software program? Your franchisees can log on (secured) and enter the customer’s credit card and charge it appropriately, via wireless device and it would go into the Intranet System and would be able to take the company credit loyalty cards too.

Franchisees often have companies call them and tell them that they have software they can install on their computer to accept credit cards and have it processed immediately. And rather than allow all the franchisees with different systems, it is better to implement a nationwide system to leave you more options.

It is best for nationwide or fast growing regional franchise companies to do this over their websites thru an intranet system? Many franchise service company franchisees have customers who allow their credit cards to be on file and charge them when service is rendered. This is much better for the franchisees than them having to wait 180 days to finally get a check in the mail.

Franchisors who implement such a system can take their royalties out upfront as a percentage and allow their franchisees more immediate cash flow and thus more monies available for expansion of their franchises and thus further extension of brand name, so think on this in 2006.

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