Credit Cards With Zero Percent Rate

When searching for a 0 apr credit card, one with 0% annual percentage rate (apr) for a trial period, one of the best ways to find a good deal is to compare the credit card rate of several sites. One way to find reliable sites is to start with a bank credit card. Bank of America, Citibank, and many others offer endless resources online for credit card comparisons. You can find out annual fees, interest rates, balance transfer rates, and interest-free periods for each card to get the best credit card rate.

If you want to apply online for a 0 apr credit card, you will find the convenience of Internet shopping a great benefit. No need to wait for offers to arrive in the mail or to call various lenders for their current terms and policies. All the information you need is at your fingertips on the computer. The bank credit card offers should be up to date with current interest rates listed and all the policies and terms available to read online.

With new safety features, a bank credit card website is usually secure enough for your personal information that you must include on an application. But always look for the little gold lock symbol in the lower right hand corner of your computer screen to be sure that a site is secure before you enter anything on a form.

Applying online for the best credit card rate is great for people who don’t have a credit history or who haven’t established a good history. These people may not receive credit card offers in the mail and need a place to look for good deals. Also, you can compare rates until you find that 0 apr credit card you’re looking for. This type of card is great for balance transfers. You wind up with one payment instead of several each month, and you get a grace period of anywhere from six to twelve months during which you do not have to pay any interest on either your transferred balances or your new purchases.

But beware. Many lenders offer a 0 apr credit card as an incentive to get you signed up. Be sure to note when this trial period ends; usually after the rate rises you’re stuck paying much higher interest than with most other cards. Remember that you can find a credit card that has lower interest after your trial period ends, so do not stop making notes about cards you like just because you have found your no interest card. You will need another one in less than a year usually.

Some no interest cards even come with cash back rewards. These cards give you a percentage of your purchase amount back each month. So you not only get no interest, but you earn points with every dollar you spend that you can use toward purchasing name brand merchandise, travel perks, and entertainment.

Overall, when looking for a 0 apr credit card or just trying to find the best credit card rate with your credit history, remember to keep trying until you find one that suits all your needs.

By: Cary Olson

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